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As of 1 July 2018 the real time data supply obligation enters into force.
Get ready with us!

As of 1 July 2018 it is obligatory to provide date on the invoices containing charged value added tax at least of 100,000 HUF, issued of the transactions between domestic taxpayers. In case of invoicing with the use of billing/accounting software the invoice data shall be transmitted to the NTCA without human intervention, via the public internet immediately, after the preparation of the invoice.

If your billing system does not comply with your regulations, you can now integrate your existing billing system with our solution.



Choose Régens VATapp for online, real time data supply!


VATapp is a standalone application that can be fully integrated with any existing billing system

Legal compliance

Conformity with legislation is constantly ensured by following the changes in regulations


The system automatically sort and forward the invoices to NTCA in the correct format


In addition to data supply, VATapp provides statistics and query options


The solution can be fully customized and expanded with additional functionality for special requirements

Modern interface

The easy-to-use, user-friendly interface allows quick and accurate data supply


Contact us in order to we could find the most suitable construction for you!

The process of data transfer

Régens VATapp processes the invoices coming from the feed billing system law-abidingly (real-time, automatically, without user action). It checks all requirements set and selects the invoices, which have to be sent to the Tax Office’s Online Invoicing System (O.I.). As part of the communication it receives the O.I. answers. After the response, VATapp’s built in intelligence connects these answers to their invoices and lets the customer to see it in an organized, transparent way.


Why choose Régens VATapp?

It can be easily integrated with your existing billing or ERP system

It supports various file formats and filesharing protocols

Invoice data are converted to legally compliant XML data formats

It provides full protection for invoice data information

It supports filtering options to query reports

It receives and stores NTCA's electronic response messages

Choose our solution, Régens VATapp, developed with 25 years of professional experience.

Our services

Our expert team has an extended service pack from the first contact,
through the introduction of the system to the support activity.

Needs assessment

In the framework of our needs assessment, our expert team determine your specific needs and select the best possible solution. for your company.

Expert consulting services

Following the needs assessment, we make a detailed concept to create an efficient, fast and lawful billing process.

System implementation

Based on the approved concept, our experienced colleagues integrate the system into your existing ERP or billing system.

Infrastructure development

Cost-effective, well-designed and high-availability infrastructure for seamless operation.

Cloud infrastructure

We provide cloud infrastructure with continuous maintenance. The system can be expanded with additional functionality on request.


We provide professional training to the system. If you have any questions or concerns, our expert colleagues are at your disposal.

Our offers


Accounting consultancy

Advice on the proper interpretation and application of statutory changes and requirements related to online data supply




Billing process consultancy

Examination of billing processes, legal compliance and special needs regarding invoicing




IT consultancy

Preparing the billing software and develop the proper XML format accoring to the regulation





Standalone application for online data supply, which can be integrated to any ERP system





Régens Invoicing programme

Introduction of the company's custom invoicing programme, which is completely integrated with Régens VATapp






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